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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    Are hummers good cars


    Before discussing the topic: is Hummers good cars reliable, you need to know for whom and why this car was developed. Reliability is tested under different conditions. For a lady who drives her little Peugeot to and from a beauty salon, there is no reliable little car. And it is dangerous for an off-road conqueror and a lover of extreme sports to drive a tank.

    A few words about the creation of Hummer

    The vehicle was developed for the needs of the US Army. Its creators had a task: to earn a universal vehicle that would have high cross-country ability, good speed indicators on rough terrain, flat road, good trunk capacity, an extended elephant for transporting a large number of passengers.

    The task was not easy. Already at the first tests, the finished samples made an excellent impression, the car exceeded even the most daring expectations. It turned out to be so successful that it was decided not to limit its use only to the US Army. One of the first to buy a Hummer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, followed by Sylvetsr Stallone. Every year the club of fans of hummer h3 good cars is growing. Although the crisis hit hard on this brand. The price of the car itself and its legendary gluttony did not play into the hands of the owners and manufacturers. But over the years, there are more and more people who want to buy an SUV.

    Hummer in the city

    Let’s be honest – this is not a car for driving along city streets. Powerful engine, dimensions, technical characteristics. Buying a Hummer to travel to and from work is like buying a plane to fly to your dacha.

    It’s hard for an all-terrain vehicle in the city with its dimensions. The height of the vehicle and the viewing angle are bad for safety. If at the turn the driver simply did not notice the Honda Civic, you can only sympathize with the sedan.

    The car was not built for city bragging and short trips. Those who like to jump from their spot at traffic lights will not be impressed by the capabilities of this powerful beast. It is difficult to get a buffalo to start in the same way as a thoroughbred trotter. But if you want a real all-terrain vehicle, a car that is not afraid of dirt, stone passes, swamps and snow traps, there is no better vehicle.

    Hummer on the road

    If you need to constantly make long journeys and not always on a perfectly flat surface, it is better not to pick up a car. Interior comfort, engine reliability. A huge trunk is not all the advantages of a car. It is very important that even a person who is not a professional mechanic can independently service his iron horse. There is even such an anecdote among experts that not every car mechanic knows what the engine of h3 hummers good vehicles looks like, not because the car is expensive and few people buy it, but because it is so reliable and very rarely breaks down so that it needs to be repaired. HUNDRED. Usually the driver himself handles the ongoing troubleshooting. And this is a huge plus when you need to wander around the endless expenses or from time to time fall out of the borders of civilization by car.

    Is the Hummer reliable, rather yes! the question is to what extent it is expedient if it will not be operated in the conditions for which it was created.