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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    Car transport quote compare


    An exciting move awaits ahead, but do you understand that in addition to transporting personal belongings, you also have to transport a vehicle? Well, if we are talking about moving to a neighboring city within 100-200 km. Here you can allocate a couple of hours to overtake it, but sometimes it is quite difficult to carve them out in a tight schedule. Transport companies have long ago solved this issue and are ready to help with moving, organizing vehicle events, buying and selling a vehicle, or even picking up your four-wheeled friend from the highway, where he suddenly broke down. To do this, it is enough to contact one of the reliable transport and logistics companies in order to enlist the support of a responsible partner. He will pick up and deliver the vehicle, providing the fragile cargo with full comfort on the way, and you, giving you a 100% guarantee that everything will go smoothly.

    Car transport quote compare for similar services, but they are formed by several mandatory criteria that accompany the organization of any vehicle transportation.

    Distance and boundaries

    Of course, the duration of the journey cannot but invest the main financial component in the final price tag. However, there are some conditions here. The price for the route is calculated, compare car transport quotes for 1 unit of the route – 1 km. In theory, the longer the route, the more expensive it should be, but many large companies are happy to meet customers who need long-distance transportation. When calculating such a path, the price per path unit will be lower, and, therefore, it will be possible to save well.

    Of course, whether the car will cross the border between states also matters, because such transportation has more documentary snags and requires the careful legal attention of full-time lawyers. It will be slightly more expensive.

    Car dimensions

    Any car transporter has its own tonnage and mountings, which are initially configured for standard car sizes. If a non-standard car is transferred for transportation, which requires reconfiguring the fasteners, then this will add value to the overall price tag. In addition, its large weight takes away the ability to load an extra auto on an auto transporter, which will also force the company to increase its value.

    Transportation option

    The client is offered to use the transportation on a standard auto transporter. The car will drive on an open structure, which will have fasteners and provide the necessary level of safety, but you have to take into account that your car will drive surrounded by other cars. Such transportation is considered more affordable, but it implies the transportation of cars not older than the middle class.

    Closed carriers are considered to be a more expensive service tailored for premium and rare cars. The auto drives alone in a fully enclosed structure.

    Delivery method

    Delivery to one of the terminals is a classic practice that does not require additional payments. But if you want to get a car right at home, you will have to overpay a little. But the car will be under your doorstep and all you have to do is go out to receive the cargo.