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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    Facts about automobile


    Cars are already an integral part of our life. With their help, we can travel, move faster around the city, transport goods, etc. However, many car owners have no idea how much fun they still do not know about their favorites. Let’s talk about interesting facts about automobile.

    First car

    In attempts to create a self-propelled cart, people were tormented 1.5 centuries ago. They tried to make them move with the help of a sail, steam, electric charge, etc. But only at the end of the 80s of the XIX century, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler created the first brainchild on the basis of an internal combustion engine. By the way, the internal combustion engine itself was created 30 years earlier.

    The car was three-wheeled and weighed just over two hundred kilograms. It accelerated to 16 km/h with its 0.85 hp engine.

    First car races

    The races were organized in France in mid-1894. They were long-distance. It was understood that the winners should be the first (in no more than 8.5 hours) to cover 126 km, starting in Paris and arriving in Rouen.

    102 crews started, but in the fight for the main prize of 5 thousand francs, half lost their strength at the start. De Dion’s steam car won the race, which managed to develop a speed of 20 km/h during the race.

    The first filling stations

    Despite the fact that cars have actively entered human life since the end of the 19th century, there was a very big problem with refueling. The first stations began to appear in America only in 1907. They looked like 1-2 tanks, from which the workers refueled the cars with a hose – by gravity.

    Bullfighting is a source of inspiration for the creators of Lamborghini

    Have you not noticed that all the names of the models of this car brand come from the world’s most dangerous entertainment, originally from Spain. Diablo, Murzelago – these are famous bulls that showed themselves in bullfighting. Estog is a sword for the Matador.

    The most stolen car

    In the USA, the most common car theft is the Honda Accord. Why thieves have such an interest in this particular model is not clear, but all car owners of this model should be on the lookout. This sad rating is ready to continue: Honda Civic, Toyota Camry. Incredibly, according to statistics, approximately every 45 seconds a car is stolen in the United States.

    The most unlucky car

    The absolute record holder for getting into an accident is the Jaguar. Cars of this brand get into accidents on the road more often than others – almost 40% of the total volume produced. The second place is given to Honda and Acura – about 38% had an accident. Audi became the third in the anti-rating – almost 37% of the cars produced have been in accidents of various degrees of complexity.

    The fastest car in the world

    Bugatti Veyron Sport accelerates to 437 km/h, but has been arguing with this record for a long time

    Hennessey Venom GT that reaches top speed faster than the established record holder in 0.8 seconds.