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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    Famous boston massacre quotes


    About Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre is the name given to the terrible situation that occurred in 1770, which became one of the causes of the War of Independence. It all started with the words of an eleven-year-old boy who did not speak out against the British serviceman and received a posthumous boa constrictor in his head. Seeing this picture, people were outraged and began to attack the soldiers, who, in turn, opened fire on the civilian population. This event is very important, because it played a major role in the start of hostilities, which led America to an independent state. In this article, we decided to cover not only the quotes about Boston massacre, but also other factors that influenced the course of history.

    The causes of the revolution, “before” and “after” the situation in Boston

    • Britain began to levy huge taxes on goods such as paper, tea, sugar. Despite this, all taxes were spent on military projects, which, of course, did not suit most Americans. Although there was a parliament in America, there were no Americans in it, so they had no say in their own land.
    • Lack of free trade. British America could not establish any economic ties without the permission of the ruling empire – this led to the fact that the trade balance was disturbed. Some goods were in serious short supply, while others were in surplus.
    • Searches and confiscation. The British government gave its officers broad powers to prevent smuggling. This resulted in officials being able to confiscate and seize any items they considered illegal. Of course, this right began to be abused, which caused outrage among the population.
    • Suppression of protests. As protests in America grew, the British began to crack down on it. There were mass imprisonments. One of the main culminating moments of the confrontation was the famous Boston massacre quotes.
    • Impunity for British officials. Eight British soldiers were indicted in the Boston massacre, but were eventually released. This was due to a recent law requiring the trial of defendants in England, rather than at the crime scene, which caused problems with calling witnesses and conducting investigations in general.
    • Settlement of soldiers. As tensions rose, the British authorities decided to send the largest number of soldiers to America, but since there was nowhere to place them, the Americans had to settle soldiers in their homes. This caused mass discontent among the population, and after the Boston massacre, fear.
    • Port blockade in Boston. In 1773, the so-called “Boston Tea Party” took place, as a result of which more than 300 boxes of tea were destroyed. After that, the port was closed until the colonies paid compensation for tea (the debt, to date, has not been covered).

    The Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party became the catalyst for the American Revolutionary War, which ended in favor of the Americans and made the country one of the most influential in history.