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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    History of the vehicle


    History of beginning automobiles

    The first attempts to advance in the automotive industry were made back in the 17th century, when steam-powered machines were invented, on which a person could move. True, they were still very far from modern ones – outwardly they looked more like carriages, they were very noisy and smoking. Today we know of incredibly fast, powerful, tough and durable cars. How did history vehicle all begin?

    Steam carriages

    The first high-profile development of history about cars in Europe is the end of the 18th century. The engineer Cuiño created a unique mechanism – a steam-driven artillery tractor. This invention turned out to be completely impractical. After a couple of decades, steam carriages rode around Europe, which were fashionable for some time. But over time, the public movement against fast cars scrapped the history automobiles project.

    The emergence of modern cars

    1806 is considered the official date of modern car history, moving thanks to the internal combustion engine (ICE). But it was not until 1885 that the automotive industry received a new impetus when engineers Benz and Daimler presented the world with the first car (tricycle) equipped with an internal combustion engine. A year later, the inventors received a patent for their “brainchild”.

    Undoubtedly at that time it was early automobile history, which marked the beginning of the era of modern automobile construction. But Nikolaus Otto is considered the developer of the four-stroke gasoline internal combustion engine, which is relevant for most modern cars.


    The internal combustion engine deserves special attention in the car history automobile. The first attempts to create and efficiently operate it failed due to the lack of the necessary fuel (in particular, we are talking about liquid fuel). The first engines ran on a gas mixture. The Swiss engineer de Rivas built a motor in 1806, which was based on the use of a hydrogen-oxygen mixture. And the creation of a gasoline engine belongs to Brown, an inventor from England.

    Austrian inventor Markus designed a liquid-fueled internal combustion engine and placed it on a trolley, creating, in fact, the first vehicle based on gasoline. Today this device is known as “Marcus’s first car”. 13 years later, he also developed a low-voltage ignition system, which, in combination with a carburetor, became innovative.

    And only then the famous Benz appeared, who created a car with a gasoline internal combustion engine actually used on the road. His efficiency was demonstrated by the wife of the engineer, having made a long-distance trip to Mannheim-Pforsheim, and thus giving rise to a new era in the automotive industry.

    Electric cars

    Electric cars appeared brief history cars only at the beginning of the 20th century, but not for long. And only a century later, a new wave of interest arose in such a technology – as safer due to its low toxicity and environmental friendliness.