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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    How do cars move


    How do cars move?

    Regardless of whether you are a simple passerby or a vehicle owner, every day you have to see a lot of cars that are imposing or fast enough on the road. Apparently, at least once in your life, you have thought about the questions: “How does the car move? ” or “What mechanisms are hidden under the body? ”

    We have collected and analyzed in detail for you information on this topic, and are ready to share it.

    Mechanisms of the car by means of which there is a movement

    How do vehicles move? Before you start, it should be noted that cars are front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Accordingly, everyone’s movement is different.

    So, if you disassemble the car, remove the wheels and separate the body, we will see the mechanisms that force the vehicle to move.

    • Engine. In fact, the engine is the heart of any car. The driver can start and stop the machine with the ignition key. In some vehicles, the key has been replaced by a start/stop button. In such cases, you must use a foreign key on the navigation system to start driving. It is important to know that the engine makes all systems and units of any car work.
    • Transmission. This mechanism is required to transmit rotation from the engine to the wheels of the car. With the help of the gear lever, the driver can change the speed of rotation of the wheels, ie, the higher the gear – the faster the wheels spin. This type is called a manual transmission, but in modern cars, automatic is increasingly used. Today, car production is improving, so there are cars in which the above gearbox is located under the steering wheel next to the lever that turns on the headlights when turning.
    • The cardan shaft transmits rotation from a transmission to wheels. The device of a cardan shaft allows to transfer to it rotation at various angles, and also to change its length that is necessary at movement on an uneven road. To see this mechanism, you do not need to disassemble the car or take it to the service station, because it is well visualized from the side on any truck.
    • Rear gearbox. This complex mechanism receives rotation from the propeller shaft. It distributes this rotation to the left and right sides of the car.
    • Drive shafts. Drive shafts are screwed to the gearbox. They, in turn, transmit rotation from the gearbox to the left and right wheels of the car.

    Summarizing how does car move, let’s remember all the mechanisms by which the vehicle is moved: the engine, through the gearbox, delivers rotation to the propeller shaft, and then, through the rear gearbox and brake system, the drive shafts transmit rotation to the car wheels. That’s all! We hope that if this topic was not new to you, then you at least recall the process by which the car is moving.