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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    How much does it cost to lift a car


    How much does it cost to lift a car?

    Increased ground clearance is one of the most common types of car tuning. Many people want to get an unusual modification of the serial which will be much more convenient and interesting in appearance. But how to do it, and how much will it cost?

    Advantages and disadvantages of high ground clearance (as a way to self-modify a car)?

    Among the advantages of this tuning option are:

    • increased safety for the bumper – it no longer clings to curbs in urban conditions;
    • bumps in the road do not touch the bottom of the car;
    • elimination of “breakdowns” in the suspension;
    • driving comfort increases;
    • the car gets more opportunities when towing a trailer;
    • there is no strong drawdown after installing LPG or fully loading the trunk.

    You cannot ignore the appearance and disadvantages that the owner can also feel on himself:

    • the probability of a suspension deviation from the options of the datasheet;
    • shock absorbers feel a double load on themselves, which reduces their resources;
    • damage to the brake hoses may occur;
    • the ABS contact can be disconnected.

    It should be understood that if the alteration is carried out by professionals using original parts, where the replacement (lengthening) of ABS sensors and brake hoses is taken into account, then the likelihood of feeling the disadvantages of the alteration is minimal.

    Ways to increase the clearance in the car

    To increase ground clearance, you can resort to several methods.

    1. Rigid or long springs. The easiest way that can grow your car up to 10-12 cm, but it is worth remembering that when the ground clearance is increased by more than 5 cm, you can greatly disrupt the car’s controllability – the angle of the rear and front suspensions will change, the roll will increase when cornering.
    2. High-profile tires. A relatively inexpensive way to increase clearance, but you will have to take into account the maximum allowed tire size from the manufacturer, and, most likely, you will need to increase the wheel arches. Thus, you can get a lasting result by increasing the ground clearance to 3 cm, but be prepared that the car will become more gluttonous, and the tires will wear out faster.
    3. Larger discs. This option is also not too expensive and will increase the ground clearance to 2 cm, giving a permanent effect.
    4. Shock absorber spacers. A spacer made of metal, plastic or rubber is installed between the support and the body, giving an increase of up to 5 cm. It is cheap, increases decently and is not considered an interference with the structure, but more frequent rolls, loss of stability.
    5. Additional plates in the springs. Suitable only for a spring SUV, but the method can significantly increase the load on the springs and increase the center of gravity.
    6. Buffers. Inter-turn polyurethane pillows are a simple and affordable method of increasing the clearance by 2 cm. The main thing is to find high-quality parts.
    7. Air suspension. The most expensive option, but the most reliable. By pressing one button, you can change the ground clearance to the one that is relevant for you now.

    How much does the increase in ride height cost?

    How much will it cost to lift a truck? Everything will depend on which option you choose, which car you plan to install and which parts to use. Replacing rubber with a larger one will cost less, as well as spacers in the suspension – no more than the price of a set of tires. However, these methods cannot be called durable. Installation of air suspension is the most reliable and expensive option, which will cost about $2-2.5 thousand.