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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    How to fix burn holes in car seats


    How fix burn car seat

    Did the cigarette butt make a hole in the seat in your car? Need tips on how to fix burn hole car seat?

    Following our simple, easy-to-follow tips and a few tools, a hole in the seat caused by a cigarette butt from a cigarette or other combustible object will disappear in no time.

    Action plan and necessary tools

    How cover burn hole car seat? To repair a cigarette hole in a car you need:

    • cleaning agent to clean repaired parts;
    • microfiber fabric;
    • blade or sharp knife for cleaning;
    • glue;
    • spare parts;
    • fiber according to the color of the fabric of your car;
    • aerosol glue;
    • straightening pear;
    • iron.

    How fix burn holes car seats? Technique of openings repair.

    1. First, clean the scorched part, using detergent. It should be emphasized that the tool should not be aggressive, because some of them contain chemicals that can cause additional damage to the cabin.
    2. Then remove the black parts of the burn marks with a blade or sharp knife (follow the steps as carefully as possible so as not to create a large slit).
    3. Depending on the size of the burn, throw on any fabric to pinch the hole first. Then slide it between the seat and the scorched part. Use glue to secure the part. Use only specialized fasteners according to the cladding material of the damaged part.
    4. To fill the hole well, it must be exposed to hot temperatures. So, you will need an iron to repair the part. Ideally, use a microfiber cloth on the top of the seat to create a barrier to prevent the glue from sticking to the iron.
    5. Decorate the repaired part. To complete the repair after cigarette marks, apply a cloth of the same color as the seat to the top. Still, it is better if you find a fabric made of the same material so that everything harmonizes. Tip from us: on the Internet there is a detailed description of each car. Yes, in the flesh to what material the interior is made of. Most often, such articles with advertising integration, so you can immediately order the appropriate fabric there.
    6. Attach the fiber to the pre-repaired part with glue. Use a clamp during this operation because the fiber is soft. In the same way as before, dry the glue with hot temperature.
    7. The final part of the repair. To finish, spray glue on the repaired surface. Protect other parts of the seat with a specialized coating in advance, if you do not find one, use a material with a slot for space in the area that has been burned. After the above manipulations, you should walk around the place with a pear, so you will remove all unnecessary foreign objects and give a smooth surface. In this way, you will complete the repair of the seat of your car, which is caused by the thermal effects of cigarettes.

    Remember, smoking harms your health and the absence of this habit will preserve the integrity of the cabin and you will not need to think about how repair burn hole car upholstery.