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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    Towing a front wheel drive car


    Towing front wheel drive car

    During the operation of the vehicle there are situations in which the car needs urgent care. Usually, this kind of help is needed when it is impossible to move the car. Such services are provided by specialized companies, tow trucks or caring people who can tow your car and have certain skills. If you are the person who needs to tow your own or someone else’s vehicle, then our tips, rules and comments will help you.

    The help of a car whose transmission transmits torque to the front wheels

    Today we will take a closer look at front-wheel drive cars, because, according to statistics, more and more drivers prefer this. This popularity is due to the fact that this car has better handling. There are other benefits, including:

    • This car is technological, and therefore cheaper to assemble;
    • Increased comfort for passengers in the rear seats, due to the lack of a propeller shaft, which increases the simplicity of the cabin;
    • Excellent exchange rate stability (easier to pull than push);
    • Advantages of off-road driving, realized by high passability.


    • Start. It is necessary to carry out moving from a place slowly, at non-observance of this moment as a result – the torn cable, ato and is worse, as a result of a sharp jerk it is possible to damage a suspension bracket.
    • When implementing auxiliary movement, a speed of 50 km/h is permissible.
    • The tow rope must be taut (even when cornering) – this must first be monitored by the driver of the towed vehicle.
    • Increasing and decreasing speed should be performed smoothly, and gear changes – as quickly as possible.
    • Before lifting – you need to change gear to lower, and do not shift gear when lifting.
    • The driver of the towed vehicle must constantly monitor the situation behind him.
    • Turns must be made taking into account the margin.
    • For a better view, drive closer to the center of the road.
    • It is better to choose a route with a minimum number of turns to the left, because it is more difficult, with such manipulation usually have to cross the oncoming traffic.
    • Braking and stopping must first be performed by the driver of the car, which is towed, but strictly after the signal “stops” of the driving car.

    When towing, follow the general rules:

    • If the vehicles are fixed only by a rope or chain, the maximum distance between them is 4.5 meters;
    • If the distance between the two vehicles exceeds 1.5 meters, the connecting element must be clearly visualized for other road users, for example by attaching colored fabric to it;
    • The person performing such manipulations must be a qualified driver;
    • If it is dark, the car being towed must have its headlights on, as is normal under normal circumstances.