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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    Typical car length


    How long car serves: norms and reality

    The question of how long the average area car is of interest to many potential buyers of the “iron horse”. By investing in a vehicle, the future owner begins to collect information about different brands. It is no secret that the safe operating time depends on many parameters. Each of them is very important for answering the interesting question about typical car length.

    How big average car service life

    This is not to say that the auto of this brand will last so many years, and that one is twice as long. The term depends on the operating conditions, maintenance and many other components. But there are norms – the average period provided for autos of a particular class, which is determined by the engine size:

    • The first – 1.2 l;
    • The second – up to 1.8 liters;
    • The third – up to 3.5 liters;
    • The fourth – more than 3.5 liters.

    There is also a fifth grade. This includes cars with a diesel engine and expensive cars of the premium segment. It is believed that cars of the first three classes without breakdowns and even the smallest problems should serve their owner for 5 years, the fourth 7, the fifth at least 10.

    This classification is rather arbitrary, not every car necessarily fits into the normative standards. It is important to understand that a car of a certain price category from a leading manufacturer from the first class will last longer than a car assembled at a small, unknown plant in a third world country, from the fourth class. But even this is a convention. In reality, external factors influence the average length of mid size car service.

    What affects the life of the car

    Terms of Use

    Two cars of the same brand, one of which drives on the streets of a big city, and the other in a rural area, and at the same time transports goods from time to time, cannot work for the same time without breakdowns and repairs. Depreciation is taken into account, the influence of conditions on the chassis. Even how often the car has to be washed and how the owner treats the car body matters for the service life.


    Maybe even more important criterion than operating conditions. One owner will put the car in the garage and use it from time to time for long trips or in an emergency. Another winds tens of kilometers in a day constantly. Of course, a high mileage car won’t last that long. But if you take good care of it, undergo technical inspection on time, change the oil, do not leave it in the open air in snow and rain, the car will not serve much less. It will be necessary to do minor repairs from time to time, change parts that have failed due to constant operation, and the quality of use and safety will not suffer.

    Drive style

    Reckless drivers, “racers” risk reducing the service time of their cars to a minimum. It is not in vain that the people say “you drive quieter, you will continue on”. Careful driving is another factor that prolongs the life of a car.

    Use of original spare parts and recommended consumables

    This is a very important point that many car enthusiasts neglect. As a result, the desire to save money at the moment leads to the fact that you will have to buy a new car faster. A very dubious way to save money. We won’t even talk about the need to use high-quality gasoline and other materials.

    Conclusion: the service life of a car depends not so much on the brand, year of manufacture and the figures declared by the manufacturer, but on its operation, which is very individual.