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    March 12, 2021

    Useful information

    Where does the us get most of its oil from


    Where does United States get their oil? The United States has long been ranked as the most powerful black gold miner. A huge amount of oil is produced and processed in this country – millions of barrels per day. However, few people know where America gets its oil, and that this is not enough for such a huge country, so America is also the largest importer of it, which is imported from dozens of countries around the world.

    Some history of the development of the oil industry in the United States

    Where does America get oil? For the first time, “black gold” began to be found and used (it sometimes seeped out) back in the days of the Indian tribes. But interest in this strange slurry arose in the middle of the 19th century, when they first began to obtain kerosene from crude oil. The only problem was the volume of fluid, because there were no drilling rigs yet.

    Wells were found here and there when they dug wells, built houses, but in such places only D. Bissell and E. L. Drake were able to use the first drilling rig at the end of the summer of 1859. From that moment on, wells began to be drilled everywhere, but only kerosene continued to be obtained from oil, considering everything else as production waste. Soon, fuel production was joined by: California, North Louisina, East Texas, Oklahoma, etc. More and more refineries were built, most often near fields.

    With the development of mechanical engineering at the beginning of the 20th century, when other derivatives of fuel began to be appreciated, the industry began to flourish with renewed vigor: technologies developed, the number of jobs increased, etc. But there were many disadvantages, in particular, environmental disasters caused by careless extraction or transportation of black gold products.

    Where does US get their oil? The United States has long been the leader in the petroleum product market, but at the beginning of the 21st century, a lot has changed. Today the country has serious competitors in the face of Russia and Saudi Arabia.

    Oil exports for the United States – where from?

    Where does US get most its oil? In the United States, too much is tied to oil products, so in order to cover its needs and leave something for sale, the country actively imports oil and its derivatives from other states.

    Today, imports come from 40 countries of the world, one of the major sellers is Iraq, but obtaining raw materials from there is seriously complicated by the difficult military situation created by the ISIS terrorists.

    In addition to Iraq, the United States continues to import oil to the United States: Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Kuwait, Nigeria, Ecuador, Angola. It is believed that most of all is bought from Canada, Kuwait, Colombia and Ecuador, but supplies from Nigeria have fallen sharply over the past few years, as well as the number of deals with the Saudis.

    According to the latest expert data, US imports of crude oil are gradually decreasing. On the other hand, the purchase of finished petroleum products is growing. By the way, despite this, America remains a major exporter of fuel and its derivatives.