Best hawaii places

Warm rays of the sun, magnificent beaches with the most delicate sand and the purest ocean water, which amazes with the breadth of its flora and fauna - all this successfully combined the best place Hawaii, where many people like to relax today. However, it is worth noting that these islands have dozens of other divine places, in addition to traditional beaches, which are not revealed by the locals to everyone. Luckily you have a great guide - our experts. Top places Hawaii that you must visit if you decide to take such a vacation.

Mauna Kea

Immediately, we note that we are talking about the Big Island, where this majestic volcano slumbers, which rises above sea level by a little more than 4.2 thousand meters. From the highest point you can get acquainted even with the remote corners of the islands. You don't need to go here with a lot of personal equipment, because there are already telescopes on the peaks that allow you to bring any target closer. Frozen lava, once plunging islands into bottomless wilderness, and ancient archaeological sites will forever conquer your heart.

Hawaiian volcanoes - national park

And here you will find an overview of an active volcano that continuously gives its lava to the deep sea and is considered the most active in the world - Kilauea. Local rangers are ready to drive dozens of various interesting excursions every day, so it won't be boring.

Mount Halekala

Do you want to immerse yourself in completely unusual landscapes, where the flora appears especially intriguing, as if lunar? Then boldly go on the winding path leading to the top of this very mountain. For reference, its height is just over 3 thousand meters. Here, in addition to the unusual flora inherent in a warm climate, there are also quite rare flowers, for example, a volcano flower that has not fallen for more than 10 years. What exactly is there not to forget? Dawn! Well, this is, of course, for those who are ready to get up early and ride a bike, having time for the sun to appear over the horizon.

Waimea Canyon

We go straight to the center of the island of Kauai. Here you will find a real miracle of nature among the good places Hawaii - Waimea Canyon (named after the river). The walls are formed of volcanic rocks and have a characteristic black and red hue, as if still burning with the fire of their volcano. In contrast are the majestic evergreen trees. It will be interesting for everyone who is ready for long, but truly exciting walks.

Kauai Island - Mount Waialeale

In the best places go Hawaii is impossible to pass, because the whole area is densely covered with impassable forests and mountains, strewn with waterfalls. But the helicopter ride will be delightfully unforgettable, so head to the wettest place on Earth for a bird's eye view.

Hawaii is one of the most colorful places on the planet, where even simple things seem incredibly beautiful and vibrant. Go beyond a chocolate tan on local beaches and give yourself and your emotions more freedom.