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    March 12, 2021


    Cheapest way to make your car faster


    The cheapest way make car faster – improve your driving skills. This is the cheapest and fastest way. How to do it? You need to learn to understand your own vehicle, and for this it is important to increase knowledge about the car and practice driving in it. And it’s not just about cutting circles around the track or city: it’s useless if you do it wrong.

    Smooth driving

    If you learn to drive a car more smoothly, the speed will gradually come by itself. It is enough to remember a few rules: no sideways movement when cornering (this will eat up the speed) – you need to enter the turn gently, no locking of the brakes (this will reduce the balance), no harsh actions with the accelerator and brake pedals.

    Driving along the optimal trajectory

    To make things easier for yourself, remember the 2 main trajectories – for dry and wet tracks. Be sure to consult an experienced driver and ask for a driving lesson on both types of tracks. Then hone the skill yourself until it is completely automatic. Ideal: find your own control points for braking, entry, apex and exit to turn.

    Maintaining balance

    Many have heard this phrase, but not everyone understands its meaning. And it is simple: the load on each of the four wheels of the car must be consistently the same. Of course, achieving the perfect balance is impossible, but this does not mean that you should not strive for it. How it works? When braking, the weight is transferred to the front wheels, when braking in a left turn, the front right wheel is loaded, etc. In this case, intermittent braking will help to establish balance – it will reduce the transfer of weight.

    Advanced visual

    As the driving experience increases, the eyes gradually cover a wider picture. For example, when driving on a highway, an experienced driver looks not only forward, but also back and to the sides. And at the same time he thinks about where he is going, and not about where he is now.

    It is important to look not at your current position, but where you are going next: the car will imperceptibly follow your eyes. An example for practice on a turn: when entering a turning point, you need to look at the apex, after reaching it, switch to exit from the turn.

    Concentration of attention

    The problem with experienced drivers is that concentration decreases with experience. Think back to yourself driving for the first time, and then after a couple of years of driving. Even while driving on the freeway, you could adjust the air conditioner, drink coffee, or chat on the phone. Fact: Advanced drivers are more likely to have accidents than beginners.

    Learn to concentrate on the road and the car you are driving. When you press the brake pedal, try to feel the movement of the brakes to lock the wheels. Can you brake harder? Are you ready to withstand skid when exiting a corner? There can be a lot of such questions. And you can answer them only by constantly increasing your concentration and this is the cheapest way make your car faster.