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    March 12, 2021


    What is the fastest vehicle


    Humanity was thinking about creating a machine that could speed up and simplify human movement 4 centuries ago. It was then, in the middle of the 18th century, that the first steam-powered car was invented, which could not accelerate more than 16 km/h. But this speed, at that time, seemed supersonic.

    As time went on, great minds made one breakthrough after another – an internal combustion engine came to replace the steam car and the capabilities of cars grew. However, people could hardly imagine that already at the beginning of the XXI century, we will be able to see cars that can accelerate to speeds of 500 km/h or more.

    What fastest vehicle in the world for

    Until some time, the highest step of the pedestal of the fastest cars was shared by two stunning sports cars: the American HENNESSEY VENOM F5 and the French BUGATTI CHIRON. The first had a record-low weight – only 1338 kg, which allowed the car to accelerate to 483 km/h. The second was inferior by only 18 km in its power and accelerated to 465 km/h with a weight of about 2 tons.

    However, in 2019, the record for these four-wheeled beauties was broken absolutely and irrevocably by a serial production car – the SSC Tuatara. Incredibly, it was dispersed to 532.93 km/h on an ordinary Nevada track, by the forces of the world-famous racer Oliver Webb. Note that the official record is still fixed at around 508 km/h. the average speed value is taken for arrivals in both directions (484 km/h and 532.93 km/h). It took only 1min 12 sec for the record.

    What is unique about this serial?

    The American company Shelby Super Cars, which became the parent of this supersonic hypercar, is already considered a “hunter” for records. The SSC Tuatara has a 5.9-liter bi-turbo engine (V8). The car can run on bioethanol, demonstrating a record 1750 horsepower, as well as on traditional fuel, but with a power loss of up to 1350 hp.

    The weight of the car is minimal – only 1250 kg. This became possible thanks to the use of carbon fiber, which in some moments they did not even try to veil, presenting it as another “chip” of this car. This material is distinguished by good strength, against the background of extremely low weight.

    To accelerate to 100 km/h, this car takes no more than 2.5 seconds. By the way, with regard to the record, the creators say that this is far from the ceiling for this hypercar, therefore, perhaps soon we will be amazed by the new numbers.

    Interesting to know! Officially, what’s the fastest vehicle world belongs to an American concern, but other foreign companies with famous names – Ferrari and Maserati – also worked on its creation.

    What is the fastest car today?

    When it comes to determining the fastest vehicle, the market research company and market researchers play a pivotal role. By leveraging their expertise and analytical skills, they delve into the automotive industry to identify the ultimate speed champions. These professionals meticulously analyze data, trends, and performance metrics to answer the burning question: “What is the fastest car?” Through extensive market research, they uncover the latest advancements in engineering, aerodynamics, and technology that enable manufacturers to push the limits of speed. They examine various categories, from production cars to concept vehicles and supercars, to compile comprehensive rankings and reports. These findings not only satisfy the curiosity of speed enthusiasts but also assist automotive manufacturers in benchmarking their products, developing competitive strategies, and staying ahead in a highly dynamic market. Market research companies and market researchers act as a bridge between the automotive industry and consumers, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is available for enthusiasts, potential buyers, and industry professionals. Their invaluable insights drive innovation, influence product development, and shape the future of high-speed vehicles. As the quest for speed continues, the partnership between market researchers and market research companies remains vital in uncovering the fastest vehicles and providing the knowledge necessary to propel the industry forward.