Cars shipping across Country

Successful transportation of the car least of all depends on the financial capabilities of the client. If a company is experienced and strong, then it can easily offer various forms of service for any brand of car or client’s budget.

With our capabilities, the organization of any car transportation over the longest distances will not be a problem. Do you need to transport your car around the country or abroad? This is for us! Do you need to transport a very expensive or rare car? Also to us! Need to deliver special equipment or a broken car? And that’s us too!

By contacting us, the client receives a comprehensive service in which everything is combined in the best possible way: quality, speed, cargo safety and focus on your interests. We have debugged the service of notifications, round-the-clock communication with the client base. We know exactly how to give you reliable quality guarantees that will deprive you of any worries about your valuable cargo.

Our cars and people

In our fleet, there is a chic selection of a wide variety of auto transporters that are ready to carry out transportation for thousands of kilometers every day, without rest and fatigue. Advanced specialists will equip them for the road, which will monitor the serviceability of the car. Only special drivers who have been trained and know about all the features of driving this transport operate such a difficult and responsible vehicle.

Your order will be handled by the best professionals in various fields:

  • lawyers will draw up the necessary documents, protecting you from annoying bureaucratic details of the transaction and preventing possible fines or delays due to improper preparation of papers;
  • experts will help you choose the most optimal auto transporter for your car, taking into account its class, your budget and wishes;
  • logisticians will draw up an up-to-date route so that transportation is fast and safe;
  • the information service will provide you with full information about the progress of the transaction throughout the entire period of transportation.

Which car transporter can you choose from us?

The company has two main types of car transporters:

  • open – they transport several cars at once, which allows you to save money on transportation for both you and us, as well as meet the promised deadlines;
  • enclosed – make individual transportation, where the car is loaded into a separate compartment and protected from the external environment, thus ensuring the highest level of protection and confidentiality.

Opened most popular and versatile car transporters. They are chosen for “budget” or “medium” class cars. They are not inferior in safety, they just drive in the open air and several at once.

Enclosed carriers are more attractive for discerning customers who transport expensive vehicles.

To get your car, you can use the delivery to the terminal. This option is considered optimal if you want to save money. But home delivery is most suitable, if you want to save not money, but time.