Shipping costs for a car

The modern sphere of auto transportation services is filled with substandard offers. Some pour out guarantees, only in words, while others forget about details and slow down the execution of order, violating all deadlines and overstating car hauling cost. To choose a good partner you have to try, but contacting us you will not have such problems and will know exactly how much does it costs ship car.

We have been working in the specialized field of transportation for many years in a row and take care of car transport price, therefore, it is not a problem for us to determine what exactly the client needs. That is why the basis of our business is not only compliance with the rules of transportation, but also development of an individual approach to each client, so that he can remain calm, trusting us with his value.

Verbal guarantees are empty noise that will never give you confidence in a quality service and pay prices for shipping cars. But the contractual basis, when service is strictly regulated by the rights and obligations specified in the agreement, can set up a positive dynamics of working relations. We know our responsibilities and strictly fulfill, because we value each client and our reputation. We also provide an affordable auto shipping cost.

To get more detailed information about automobile transport costs and what responsibilities we will take on, just call our managers at any suitable time to know cost for transporting car. We will not only tell you about this, but we will also be ready to offer the ideal transportation plan specifically for you, guided by your personal wishes and car transport services cost.

Do not think that a comfortable service is always expensive and needs high typical car shipping costs. We have thoughtful car transport service prices, everyone can get an excellent service, regardless of the starting budget. Our managers will also help you with calculation of average vehicle shipping costs, who need to know about the route and characteristics of the auto in order to immediately issue the exact amount of shipping costs for car.

Which service should you choose to save money?

Not all clients are focused on expensive options of our service, such as targeted delivery, so we offer a more affordable alternative - transportation to terminals. Since we work actively throughout the country, the network of our bases is available almost everywhere and the terminal delivery service has become even more comfortable for each client.

As already mentioned, the terminal is the base of the company, where cars are stored before transportation, flights and loading are organized, as well as where cars come with cargo. When choosing a terminal delivery, the client does the following:

  • brings his van to the terminal located nearby at the starting point;

  • gives the keys and the car;

  • waits for transportation and receives constant information;

  • the van is delivered to the terminal, which was chosen by the client in advance already at the point of arrival;

  • the customer or his authorized representative takes the van and keys.

This delivery method is, of course, more energy-intensive than targeted delivery. Still, you have to bring the van and pick it up on your own, select terminals, etc. However, given the large network, it is not so difficult to make a choice, and all terminals are located close to highways and are easy to get to.

What are the other advantages of terminal delivery?

The client gets the opportunity to see firsthand how the system works. This is very important, because he will have to give his van to these people and would like to see exactly how they relate to the entrusted cargo, how they store, load, what they carry. All this can be seen in our terminals.

The client is freed from searching for a suitable delivery location. Let us remind you that in case of targeted delivery, it is necessary to provide free access for heavy equipment, to give it room for unloading or loading maneuvers. If this allows the yard to do this, then dissatisfied neighbors may arise, and with the terminal, the client's task is reduced only to timely delivery.

The van was delivered ahead of time, but you can't choose a minute to pick it up? No problem! There is enough space in our terminals to safely store your van until your arrival. The parking lot is completely closed and protected, so that theft or damage to the cargo is excluded.

Our company is ready to carry out transportation with any type of delivery, taking into account your wishes. The terminals are equipped for specialized work with any equipment, regardless of size, class or weight. We will deliver a luxury limousine, budget sedan or mini-tractor and store it in the terminal until your arrival in order to transfer it safe and sound. Prices for our services are available, and you can always find out by using the calculator on the website or by calling our managers.

What kind of transportation is best for short distances?

The popularity of a service for many is a sign of its high quality - since it is often used, it means that it is worth it. To identify the most popular service in the field of road transport of vehicles, it is necessary to consider what guides the potential client in the first place.

  • Quality of service - the van must be transported safely using profile clamps that protect against falling or mechanical damage

  • Service speed - I want to receive delivery as quickly as possible, without delays

  • Affordable price - every client wants transparent negotiations with him and immediately announced the exact price that would not be knocked out of the budget

All these qualities are united by one and the same service - open transportation, which we provide daily, comfortably and safely transporting cars to different points of our country.

What is open transport?

The client's van is hoisted onto a large powerful plateau, which is attached to a towing vehicle. From 5 cars can be transported simultaneously, while their size, weight and class do not matter. Cars are secured and positioned to maintain a safe distance. Precisely because the service is collective and can fulfill several orders at the same time along the same route, the client gets the opportunity to save money without compromising the quality of the service.

Another plus is the speed of delivery. We declare the terms up to 14 days, but due to the high popularity of the service, drivers make more flights every day and can provide a reduction in standard terms.

What disadvantages can you face?

Minuses are minor, but still there:

  • comfort height - an open area cannot provide protection from precipitation, dirt and small debris;

  • the need for transit unloading - sometimes a van has to be removed from the plateau in order to unload another car.

The first drawback is solved by a budget van wash upon arrival, especially since it is possible to save on the transportation itself. The second can be eliminated by using an additional option - primary loading. It will allow you to load the van into a far corner and there will be no need to unload it. However, we do not recommend open carriers for premium cars.

Our company is happy to organize for you any type of transportation and delivery of your van at an affordable price. All you need is to call us and order a service. All wishes will be spelled out in the contract and will be strictly fulfilled. We promise the quality and comfort of the service, as well as free information and support by managers at any stage of the transaction.

If you are interested in the most popular service, then we can easily perform open transportation, if you need to protect your van as much as possible, use an enclosed carrier, which is also among our transport forces.

Why is it more profitable for you to pick up the cargo yourself?

Like any other service, our company tries to offer various options for cargo delivery in its van transportation programs.

Address delivery is certainly more convenient in terms of the fact that the client saves personal time. He doesn't have to adjust to our system, and he gets his vehicle at the doorstep of his home or office. However, the service requires an additional surcharge and provides for the creation of appropriate conditions for loading and unloading operations. Unloading the van in a cramped yard will not work, which means you will have to look for the nearest spacious parking lot.

If you plan to save money and level out the need to find a suitable place for unloading, then you should choose terminal delivery.

How much for car transport: Automobile movers cost - what are we capable of?

It is our best to tell how much does it cost get car transported and truly provide a worthwhile service at an affordable average car shipping costs. You can optionally adjust many of nuances, which can ultimately make the deal a budget or elite one with the highest levels of convenience for a client and cool average cost ship car.

How much does car carrier cost: Legal registration

This is one of the fundamental points from which a deal will be started. Without registration of documents, the list of which is regulated by legislative acts, legal transportation of vehicles is impossible. With us you get the best conditions and inexpensive auto transport costs. Therefore, we are ready to offer two options:

  • you draw up all documents yourself;

  • we deal with this side of the issue, within the framework of "turnkey" service.

The first option often becomes convenient for an owner, especially if the transportation involves short distances. However, with an impressive mileage and high shipping cost for car, when auto will have to be transported through several regions, obtaining a number of papers becomes more complicated and this task is easier to shift onto shoulders of professionals. This way you will soon know vehicle transport costs, which includes all paperwork.

Our lawyers clearly know when, how much does it cost freight car and what documents will be needed to transport an auto, therefore, by delegating this difficult task to them, you can be sure that there will be fines or forced downtime on the way. A comprehensive service is more convenient and practical, and most importantly, it completely deprives a customer of the need to participate in the process personally - he gave and took an auto without problems and additional cost shipping vehicles. Also, thanks to this, you can count on a fixed transporting cars cost without overpaying for other people's mistakes.

To find out vehicle delivery cost, please contact our managers. They will number it with shipping car cost calculator individually and tell how much does transporting car cost.

How much does car transporter cost: Choosing a method of transportation

This point is also important, therefore it requires a decision at the stage of drawing up a contract to know car transport costs prices. The transport forces of our company allow us to offer two types of auto transportation. Everyone can choose an option based on their needs and auto shipping price.

How much it deliver car: In the open area

An affordable solution when a client is not ready to spend a lot of money on transportation to know what does it cost ship car. His auto, along with other cars, will be placed on a specially equipped open area of ​​the auto transporter trailer. All vehicles are securely fixed, which eliminates the risk of cargo falling while driving. Thus, it is proposed to transport cars of middle and budget class, which are not fundamentally important to protect from external influences of climate, prying eyes, flying debris. It is chosen for its good combination of reliability and shipping automobiles cost. The exact car movers price can be obtained from our managers or using an online calculator to know what would it cost ship car.

How expensive it ship car: In an enclosed structure

Here we are talking about freight transport and how much does vehicle transport cost, which has a special enclosed trailer where transported vehicle is placed in order to protect it from falling, debris, wind, sun, rain while driving. This method of transportation is ideal for elite and collection vehicles, because enclosed carriers provide excellent reliability and full confidentiality and kind cost shipping truck. However, it should be understood that enclosed transportation is becoming an elite service option, so when ordering them, you will have to pay more car delivery service price.

How much money ship car: Transportation speed

Transportation times may vary and cost deliver car will depend on this indicator. Maximum term is called 2 weeks, but it should be understood that the final result is influenced by many factors. So, for example, choosing an enclosed type of transportation, most likely, you will have to wait exactly 2 weeks, because it is difficult to shorten the time due to the small number of trips of the corresponding transport but kind price shipping car is benefit.

But open transportation is chosen most often due to their car delivery cost. Auto transporters make many trips, so the auto can be delivered much faster and you will know what does it cost transport car.

How much does it cost have your car shipped: What does it take to accelerate?

Some clients are not ready to wait, so you have to look for an alternative auto transport price. We found it a long time ago - express delivery. It is more expensive, they often talk about double average car shipping prices, but this allows you to get your auto quickly and very conveniently. Why overpay? Because in order for your auto to arrive faster, someone has to be pressed into the queue, delaying the arrival time of his transport, sometimes up to the maximum proposed 2 weeks and high car movers cost.

Enclosed transportations, as already mentioned, are performed less often, therefore it is more relevant to order express delivery in an open auto transporter and low car transporting prices.

To get information about how much does shipping car cost across US and possibility of ordering express delivery and about cost ship vehicles, just call the manager's hotline. If necessary, we can even re-issue the standard delivery contract for the express option, of course, if the auto has not yet been shipped, according to previously ordered conditions and you don`t understand how much does it cost have car transported.

How much will it cost ship my car: Informing customers around the clock

Together with reasonable cost transporting vehicle, we offer excellent service to understand how much does it cost have vehicle shipped. It becomes clear that transportation in any case takes more than one day, but it is incredibly difficult to just take and part with your expensive property for several days. In order to debug the connection with our clients and to be sure how much does it cost get car shipped, it was decided to commission the location broadcast service. In addition, we have an acceptable vehicle moving cost, which is especially nice.

Its work is monitored by our specialists, who, during the day, every day, while your auto is driving to the destination, track its geolocation and understand how much does it cost ship my car. For each order, at least 3 requests are made per day, the results are immediately sent to client. The latter, at the stage of signing the contract, enters his contact information into the agreement and chooses the method of informing and automobile shipping prices. Usually, this is a phone or email. But that's not all, to reassure you, we are ready to establish communication even with the driver of road carrier.

Note! Vehicle location data is confidential information. According to the regulations, the disclosure of this data is punishable by law, so we strictly monitor who exactly gets an information. We send data and how much would it cost ship car only on the contact details of client, which he indicated when signing the contract and pay price ship cars.

How much does it cost ship cars: We deliver the goods as it is convenient for you

In standard conditions of work with clients and tell them car delivery costs - loading and unloading of vehicles takes place in the terminals. Their network is wide and therefore customers will have no problems finding them, however, when choosing a service with delivery from terminal to terminal, they will have to adjust to the work schedule of our drivers and know price ship car.

For busy people, we are ready to offer more comfortable working conditions, when our driver arrives himself, picks up your auto from the right address and delivers it to the right address in another region and pay cost shipping vehicle. In fact, door-to-door delivery prices for a ship car are higher, but customers note that such a service is much more convenient and practical and is ready for auto shipping prices. The auto owner will simply be required to go out on the doorstep and hand over the car, and upon arrival of the transport, meet the car on their own or transfer this right to a trusted person.

How much does auto transport cost: Our employees are our powerful rear

There are no amateurs among our employees and they all know how much do it cost ship car. If this is a manager, then only the top class, if a lawyer, then only familiar with the nuances of auto transportation, if it is a driver, then only an assistant on the road. Before registering a staff, we are interested in his experience, characteristics from the previous place of work, we communicate with his colleagues, and sometimes former clients and tell all the nuances of how much does it cost ship truck.

The transport forces of our company are also in good order. Besides the fact that this is a new functional equipment, besides, it is regularly checked for technical condition, consumables are being updated, etc.

How much does it cost haul car: Your auto is in good hands

To ensure a fast and easy route, dozens of people work on each order, planning the route, taking into account even the smallest details: infrastructure, car moving cost, weather forecast and other indirect factors. All this allows you to calculate car transportation prices the ideal map of the loader movement, which eliminates the possibility of delays and reduces the risk of cargo safety problems.

We take into account the order of loading and how much will it cost transport car in order to minimize the need for unnecessary removal of your auto from the site for the sake of a β€œneighbor” who has arrived at the site. If necessary, we are ready to meet halfway and offer special conditions - loading in the first rows, then your auto will be at the very end of the site and will reach the end of the path untouchable.

How much would it cost transport vehicle: Constant customer support

In addition to regular informing in automatic mode, we have managers working around the clock, ready to answer any questions about current or future orders. Shipping cost for cars calculator can show prices of ship cars, find out the exact location of cargo, etc. - all this is available to customers 24/7.

How much does it cost mail car: You can't imagine better

We pride ourselves on offering you the best price for shipping cars in a country. To maintain our positions, we monitor competitors' offers every day and keep our shipping costs for vehicles at the most affordable positions so that you will want to contact us again and again and ask about price ship vehicle. Note that for the sake of reducing car transport average cost, we do not compromise high quality standards, providing excellent service for every car, be it a budget series or a premium class.

Features of transportation of premium cars

Auto transportation for owners is always a stressful situation. We have to transfer expensive property into hands of strangers and remain in the dark for several weeks. At the same time, the more expensive the cargo, the stronger the excitement, therefore, it is not enough for owners of luxurious expensive vehicles to simply have verbal promises, they always work in a format of written guarantees. And our company is ready to satisfy this desire completely and completely. We cooperate exclusively on a contractual basis and always back our words with papers and technicians honed over the years.

We approach the transportation of premium cars with special moods, because we understand that customers want a little more than a standard service and are even ready to overpay for it, if only vehicle transportation cost is successful, timely and safe.

What is important to consider when organizing the transportation of premium cars?

First of all, clients demand a comfort of the service. In order for auto to be delivered in ideal conditions, we suggest using an enclosed type of carriers.

An expensive auto will not be placed on a standard open auto transporter, so as not to expose even minimal risks. We will send a auto in a separate specialized container, which will be fastened to the towing vehicle. The auto is securely fixed inside, while walls of the container will provide protection from any external influences: sun, precipitation, dirt, dust, small stones - all this will not threaten your parcel. Moreover, a vehicle will be delivered completely confidentially, and the auto itself will hide from the eyes of curious passers-by.

If enclosed carriage is also supported by targeted delivery, then auto will arrive completely unnoticed by everyone. The client will give it to the right place at point A, after delivery, he will pick it up at point B at the doorstep, in the parking, lot at the office or in another convenient place.

Realizing that standard delivery in 14 days is a long time when you have to part with a very expensive item. We are ready to reduce these terms to the minimum possible using express transportation service.

Of course, all these nuances, going to a service with an increased level of comfort, will cost a little more than regular transportation, but they will be able to ensure fast and high-quality delivery absolutely safely.

Our employees are ready to keep in touch around the clock, allowing you to communicate not just with representatives of the information department, monitoring geolocation and stage of order fulfillment, but also with the driver who is directly involved in delivery. In order to protect a client as much as possible from participation in an organization of transportation, we are ready to take on the preparation of necessary documents and include compulsory insurance in the total cost of order, without additional charges.

How much does it cost transport cars: Why order a door to door service?

Today, at a time of the wild popularity of courier deliveries directly to your home, we also decided to keep up and create, albeit a slightly more expensive service, but with much wider possibilities. The door-to-door service when transporting an auto helps to reduce time that a client usually spends on delivering his auto and receiving it at company's bases.

What is this service, and what are its differences from the standard vehicle receipt?

For a standard order, a customer is invited to use traditional procedure:

  • arrive at the terminal in order to hand over your auto to the queue for transportation to another region;

  • go about their business, waiting for delivery within the agreed time frame;

  • receive a notification about the delivery of cargo to the selected terminal, the most accessible to you;

  • arrive at the terminal of your destination to get your auto and keys.

In such conditions, the client completely depends on circumstances created by an organizer of transportation and this is not always comfortable for a recipient. High employment, impossibility of arriving at the terminal, etc. - there are many such circumstances, but there is only one outcome - terminal delivery does not suit. What to do? To resort to, albeit more expensive, but the most comfortable door-to-door service.

When ordering such a service, the client will only need a convenient time and place to transfer auto for delivery and location for pick-up at the destination. Everything will happen as follows:

  • a client at the doorstep of the house, office, in the parking lot gives his vehicle to a driver of auto transporter together with the keys and goes about his business;

  • receiving regular notifications, he will know exactly when auto will arrive at the desired point;

  • upon arrival, having received the finishing notice, a client will pick up his auto at the doorstep in another region.

By the way, a recipient in point B may not be the owner himself, but his authorized representative. The most important thing is that you don't have to go anywhere and adapt to anyone. Everything is organized based on the interests of a customer.

What is important to consider when ordering targeted delivery?

As already mentioned, this service will cost a little more, because driver will have to come to you personally, spending resources and time. More precisely, you can calculate vehicle transport prices in a conversation with a company representative or using a special calculator on our website.

In addition, a client will have to attend to finding a suitable place to transfer or pick up the car. Why is this needed? Remember, an oversized auto transporter will come to you, which will need room for maneuver and loading and unloading. That is why, being a tenant of an apartment building with close development, it is better to transfer the auto not in the yard, but in the nearest parking lot. However, if you are lost in the infrastructure and are afraid of not finding a suitable place, then our managers, who work for you 24 hours a day, are always ready to help with these questions.

How much does it cost ship vehicle: ΠΊey benefits of enclosed carriers

Choosing the best option for a carrier company to deliver his auto from one region to another, an owner intuitively looks for a cheaper service option, but this is not always relevant. For example, enclosed transportation method differs in terms of price, but sometimes its use is extremely important in order to deliver a auto completely intact and safe, without even being exposed to rain or mud.

What are enclosed carriers?

Not every company has such transportation options, so some citizens who have already managed to use road transportation services do not know about such a useful alternative. The thing is that enclosed transportation is more costly and is usually focused on a narrow range of vehicles, so many carriers stop at cheap, but voluminous services that allow you to make money quickly.

Our task is to provide a multifaceted service, where there is a place for both budget transportation options and a more thought-out transportation program, to satisfy the desires of discerning customers.

Enclosed carriers are an insulated wagon on wheels that is attached to a tractor and transports a trusted load. The auto itself is securely fastened inside and completely protected from external factors, views from the outside. Thus, both security and reliability and confidentiality are ensured. Recall that the standard transportation on an auto transporter looks completely different - a auto is installed by a snake on a large open plateau, which is attached to a tractor. With such transportation, it is possible to provide protection against falls, collisions of cars, but clearly it will not be possible from precipitation and looks.

Of course, when we talk about a need to transport budget cars or middle-class vehicles, then an auto transporter may well come up here, which will save money and deliver a auto on time, forcing, at most, to drive the auto to wash upon arrival. But chic, rare, collectible cars require special attention and here we always recommend a closed type of transportation to protect expensive cargo from any external influences.

Advantages of enclosed transportation

  • Reliability - auto is fastened with powerful clamps inside, and an auto with no less strong parts to automobile transporter, which guarantees the stability of a cargo inside

  • Individual compartment - automobile does not have to share space with neighbors, which will exclude the possibility of contact

  • Safety - body is waterproof and lightproof, it also protects from dirt and fine debris flying from under the wheels of oncoming traffic

  • Confidentiality - no envious glances of passers-by or attempted theft, an automobile can be brought directly under the house and then it will remain a mystery, even for your neighbors

To get the opportunity to use service or find out how much would it cost transport car, call our managers. They are waiting for your call!

When may express shipping be required?

Automobile transportation is a service that is both in demand and rather complicated in an organization. In order to provide a full-fledged service, several departments have to work actively, debugging logistics, information and legal nuances. All this takes time, so standard transportation procedure takes at least 14 days.

Our team is a backbone worked over the years, which allows us to accelerate this period and provide the most optimal time for the client, but within the framework of normal transportation, a reduction in the standard period means delivery by a couple of days faster. But what if the vehicle needs to be received in a matter of days? We have foreseen such circumstances, therefore, we are ready to present the possibility of using a special service - express delivery.

What is it?

Within the framework of such an agreement, we are ready to carry out delivery in a few days, speeding up all the moments of preparation as much as possible:

  • route planning;

  • queue adjustment;

  • debugging information;

  • preparation of necessary documentation;

  • connecting partners in respective cities.

However, such a procedure will force a little pressure on those who are already in the queue, for this opportunity a client will still have to overpay. On the other hand, wide horizons open up before him, where the absence of his automobile will not interfere with implementation of personal plans.

You can order such a service even if a contract for standard transportation has already been drawn up, of course, if your automobile is no longer on the way, then nothing can be changed. In other cases, a automobile will be immediately picked up in the queue and sent on the next flight to your region.

Please note that speed can sometimes "eat up" the possibility of using additional services, for example, enclosed transportation. Such flights are made less often, so you have to wait for their queues, but if time becomes the main criterion, then you should give up and choose an open carrier.

When might a service be needed?

Most often, express transportation is chosen by buyers of cars from abroad or automobile dealerships in neighboring regions. At this moment, you want to get your new thing as quickly as possible, that's why they choose prompt delivery.

Often, when purchasing an exclusive automobile or having to deliver it to an exhibition, they also choose expedited delivery, so that expensive property does not wander along highway for long days.

Also, express delivery is relevant when moving, when the entrance to a new home and the first exit to a new job is already on the nose, and an automobile has not yet been transferred to another region.

A breakdown on the way also forces you to resort to express delivery, so that by the time you get home and recover a little after a long journey, your automobile was already waiting for a trip to a service station under the house.

There are a lot of options when an automobile is needed very urgently in life, and at this moment, the main thing is that there is a responsible partner-carrier nearby.

What's the cheapest way of transportation?

Modern man is used to saving on everything, but excessive zeal to save budget often leads to the clutches of scammers. Therefore, when choosing a carrier for a car, it is important to take into account all the criteria that characterize a responsible partner:

  • powerful transport forces;

  • extensive experience in a narrow profile;

  • an abundant client network and a sufficient number of positive reviews on independent sites;

  • constant communication with company representatives, etc.

Our organization is a "veteran" in the service market, so we are ready to provide client with high quality and 100% guarantee. At the same time, we do not overestimate auto shipping costs and leave the possibility of receiving decent services for people with different budget options. So, for example, for those who are looking for the cheapest way to transport an automobile along country's highways, we are ready to offer an open carrier option.

Open carrier - what is it?

An open carrier is a tractor-vehicle, to which a huge open plateau is attached, where they are installed in a snake (one by one) cars. They are all securely attached and spaced to eliminate the possibility of a collision while driving or braking. They cannot fall from the body, although it does not have powerful side walls or a roof, it will also not work to steal them, because taking off from plateau is not a minute matter and rather troublesome.

As a result, we have the possibility of collective automobile transportation (on one plateau, at least 5 cars at the same time, or even more), which is performed quickly and safely. The minimum price is due precisely to the collective delivery. A service is in great demand, so there are a lot of flights, which means you are guaranteed to get your automobile quickly, sometimes even faster than indicated in the contract.

What are negative aspects of this transportation option?

You cannot hide the fact that they are. First of all, an automobile is not protected from precipitation and external influences of dust, dirt, fine litter from the road. This can be considered a problem, but not critical, if such savings are possible. Washing an automobile will cost a penny, and a wallet will save thousands.

The second minus is periodic need for a transit automobile pickup from the plateau in order to unload other cars. Many owners worry about this and seriously, but we are ready to minimize the hassle and offer a special option - the primary corral of an automobile on the plateau. It will go to the far corner and will not interfere with the transit unloading. The option is not free, but it saves nerve cells.

That's all the negative aspects of open transportation. In all other respects, it is more than comfortable and safe. To find out more precisely how much does it cost ship car across us open transportation, just use the online calculator on our website or call our managers - they are always in touch with you!

When might you need to transport your car?

Do you consider automobile transportation using additional transport a useless service? Believe me, this is absolutely not the case! Let's think about what it will cost to drive an automobile from one region to another.

To begin with, you will have to free more than one day to hit the road. It is necessary to spend money on the resources of freight, including the replacement of consumables, and on your own maintenance in these few days. All this will cost a pretty penny, and if we take into account the aggravating fatigue and discomfort that can lead to a road traffic accident, then there is nothing to say - help of a partner is simply necessary. On the way, you can get lost and wander around the back streets of an unknown region for a long time, which will also do its job. And when do you need to transport several freights at once? We think you have understood the importance of our service in creating a comfortable life for you - automobile owners.

Our employees work in one team to calculate the ideal route, reducing material losses and saving time. Specialized freight transport helps to transport a car without costs and risks, and professional drivers have a clear idea of ​​the proven techniques of competent transportation. In total, a customer receives a fast, high-quality and inexpensive service, without nerves and disruptions to personal plans.

When does transportation become most relevant?

Moving is the most common option when automobile transportation becomes an ideal way out. A client simply gives his freight, which sets off on its own, and the owner can at this time solve his problems and move to a new place of residence.

Buying a used or new automobile in another region or from abroad. The latter is now very important, because foreign freights from Europe and America are brought only to the terminals of train stations, ports, airports. From there we will take your "swallow" to deliver it home.

Organization of festive events. These can be races, exhibitions, etc. In this case, it is often necessary to immediately deliver a large number of freights.

A breakdown on the way is an annoying phenomenon, but repairing your favorite van on the track is not always relevant. We offer to hand it over to us, so that upon arrival home, send the van to your favorite service, where you trust each master.

Such situations can arise for everyone, so we work for you around the clock, creating ideal conditions for cooperation and modernizing services for your individual needs. Today we are ready to send and deliver a van in different ways, completely protect you from paperwork or organize urgent delivery in a few days to anywhere in the country. Shipping costs for cars are more than pleasant, so every van owner can count on our help.

What criteria affect the cost of car transportation?

The obscure cost of car transportation services in our country is not new. Many companies say one thing, do another, and end up invoicing for a third. The owners complain, but for some reason they continue to deal with amateurs who profit from people.

A good carrier company always provides a clear tariffication for the cost of its services and does not change the price declared at the beginning during the transaction. Our company went even further, giving its client a guarantee of better price and quality. All these details are spelled out in a contract, which we strictly follow and never take more than what is stated, so that it does not happen on the road. In order to get a complete picture of the cost of car transportation, client of our organization does not even need to come to us or call. The official website has a handy calculator. In it, according to the standard, the necessary data are entered (characteristics of freight, geolocation of source and destination, additional services), which help to see a clear amount that will go to payment. If client has entered all the data accurately, then the price can be calculated in a few minutes.

What affects the increase or decrease in the price tag of car transportation service?

The basis of pricing is the mode of transportation. An open transporter with collective transportation of different freights helps to save money, it is even called the cheapest way of transportation. But use of closed carriers, allowing you to deliver a van in an individual compartment, which is completely shielded from external factors, will cost more and will increase the cost significantly.

How a customer wants to receive a vehicle also matters. If this is a standard service that involves delivery from terminal to terminal, then it is cheaper. However, in this case, a client will have to personally deliver a van to the company's base and pick it up at the destination, also from our base. Address delivery is more convenient. The client is bothered two times at home when a van is picked up and delivered in another region, also to the desired address. You don't have to go anywhere - just go out and pick up a van and keys. Comfort will be followed by a small overpayment.

Delivery times are usually 14 days and if company manages to deliver goods earlier, then it does not take anything extra from a client. However, when ordering express delivery, you still have to pay a surcharge, but you can get a van in a few days.

And, finally, legal support. The client is allowed to draw up documents on his own if he wants to, but if he wants to deprive himself of bureaucratic delays, he will have to pay for the work of full-time lawyers. However, this service option gives additional confidence that the documentary base will be complete, which means that there will definitely not be any fines or delays on the way to your destination.

Why do you need car insurance for transportation?

The concept of an insurance policy for a modern owner is not strange. We issue it annually so that we can safely drive on the roads and not worry about an accident. But when it comes to insurance during the carriage of freights by truck, many customers are perplexed - why should they overpay?

Car insurance on the way - why you need it

At the time of transportation of a vehicle on an auto transporter, it turns into a fragile and expensive cargo. Standard insurance ceases to operate at this moment, because the cargo is not a road user. However, the legal transportation of any goods implies their insurance, or rather the obligatory insurance of the carrier's liability.

What does it give? It protects one and the other side at the same time, providing the client with compulsory damages in the event of an insurance situation. Under such a policy, payments will follow for all actions of the organizer of transportation, which, in one way or another, entailed damage to the freight. And it doesn't matter if we are talking about a single scratch or a crumpled interior. If, during the investigation, the guilt of the contractor is proven, the injured party will receive payments immediately. Note that this type of insurance is important for both parties, so we completely - by default, take it upon ourselves - it is already included in the contract and does not require additional payments.

It is quite another matter when the owner wants to insure his cargo against any incidents, whether it be an accident caused by third parties, collapse of a bridge, tunnel roof, and other situations that turned out to be insurmountable for the contractor. In other words, the company was unable to warn them, but the fact remains that the damage was done, and payments for it will go only if there is an insurance policy for the cargo. We also offer this type of insurance, but as part of a separately paid service. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our insurance partners are leading companies that you can and should rely on. Therefore, having paid for the insurance and being in an unpleasant situation, you can definitely hope for a quick and full payment.

When choosing a carrier partner for yourself, always pay attention to which of the insurance companies he works with, so that later you do not have to sue for your own money. Sometimes irresponsible companies offer to do without insurance at all. Remember, the liability insurance of the order executor is a mandatory item, which means that by deciding on such a scam, you become an accomplice in a fraudulent scheme, bypassing legal norms.

Do not risk and do not overpay - contact us and receive a full-fledged and legally clean service with an individual approach at the best price. Our experts are always ready to help you sort out any situation and will protect your interests to the last.

What is the advantage of delivery to the terminal?

Delivery may vary. Our company offers to pick up a freight, both at the terminal and at the address where it will be convenient for the client to pick up it.

Many will now be delighted with targeted delivery, and it is really convenient. The cargo is picked up and brought under the house, without the need for long and tiring trips, but it is important to understand that you have to overpay for this comfort, which is not important for all customers. In addition, it is not possible to load or unload freight in every yard, which means that you will have to look for a place where it will be convenient to do this - the nearest parking lot, for example. Of course, we will not abandon the client in this, trying to find a location convenient for both of us together, but still, not everyone is ready to get involved with this, and besides, not everyone is ready to pay more. Especially when there is a great way to save money and sacrifice only two trips to the nearest terminal.

What is terminal delivery?

We are actively working in all regions of the country, so we are trying to make the service convenient by creating a wide terminal network. Today, our base in any region can be found without problems, so wherever the customer makes a delivery, everywhere he can find the nearest terminal, or maybe more than one.

Such delivery implies by itself - delivery and withdrawal of cargo in specific terminals, the addresses of which are negotiated at the stage of drawing up the contract.

  • The client surrenders his freight with the keys in the terminal of point A

  • Awaiting the arrival of freight at a new location

  • Arrives at the terminal of point B to receive the cargo and go about his business

What is interesting about delivery to the terminal?

The client, having arrived at the terminal, can immediately assess the contractor's approach to work, the care of employees about the cargo and understand our work from the inside. This will help to debug trust relationships and create understanding between us.

The terminal is a place convenient for any manipulations with freight, so you don't have to look for a suitable place for unloading or loading.

If it is impossible to pick up your freight immediately upon arrival, we will hold it in our closed parking lot.

And, of course, one cannot fail to mention such an important plus as a pleasant price, several times lower than targeted delivery.

What method of receiving the cargo you like is up to you. For our part, we will guarantee total customer focus and quality of services.

Contact us at any time to get answers to pressing questions, place an order and get your freight at the right time in a new place as soon as possible. We prepare the best prices for you - the lowest on the service market, while we do not compromise on quality and are ready to do everything to make you satisfied and come to us, if necessary, again.

Managers work around the clock, so your situation can be resolved regardless of the time of day, holidays or weekends.

We think, for sure, we were not able to cover the whole range of questions that arise for you. Don't be content with little - call us right now and we will solve any dilemmas, draw up an ideal plan for the transportation of your freight, listen to every personal request and give an answer to how much does it cost ship your car.

What is the most popular transportation method?

Many people tend to choose the most demanded services, considering them the best - because they are used more often! To understand what kind of transportation method is most in demand by the modern user of our services, it is enough to evaluate the criteria by which the type of carrier is selected.

Safety is one of the main points. Everyone wants their van to be able to get from one point to another without damage. The price of the issue is no less important - not everyone is ready to pay fabulous money for transporting the van, even if he is promised impeccable comfort. Timing is also very important - each client has his own plans for the expected van, so the last thing I would like to hear constant excuses about why it was not delivered on time.

And so safety, quality, speed and availability - all these nuances are united by an open type of transportation, which takes pride of place as the most popular way of transporting vans along the country's highways.

Open transport - what is hiding?

There are no special pitfalls in this service. The customer's van is transported on a large open plateau, along with others that follow roughly the same route. The fact that the carrier can afford to fulfill several orders at the same time makes delivery such a cheap method, and, therefore, more in demand. Who doesn't want to save safely?

The van is protected very reliably while driving. It is attached with a powerful fixer to the plateau body, and is also distant from its "neighbors". Rigid coupling with the transporter is guaranteed that vans do not fall off it during emergency braking. Therefore, the level of security is quite high, despite the low price of the service.

The speed of delivery under a standard contract is 14 days, but the high popularity of the service forces us to make more flights, and this makes it possible to receive your van ahead of time, which cannot but be appreciated by customers.

The most popular transportation method - how much will it cost me?

We do not hide anything from our clients and are happy to inform that open transportation is a relatively cheap service. To be convinced of this without delay - go to our website. There is an online calculator that will ask you to enter the main options of your van, the desired options, and you will immediately receive the exact cost of your transportation. We guarantee that this price will not change (if all parameters are set correctly).

Using the calculator is free and available around the clock. Something does not work? Don't be discouraged - call our operators and they will solve any issue, including calculating the cost. We do not take money for demand - consultations are free at any time of the day.

Is the transportation of luxury cars different from ordinary ones?

Transferring your van for transportation between regions may be relevant for many, but entrusting your van to strangers is very difficult, especially when it comes to very expensive models. Here, just words from the performer are not enough, you need him to be able to back his promises with real papers.

Our company is well aware of the importance of legal protection for the client, therefore, we are ready to satisfy the wishes of the owners with a real contract, which will make sure that everything will go well and the van will arrive safe and sound, without breaking the deadline. Experience and techniques perfected over the years for performing the assigned tasks help us to cope with orders of any volume, regardless of the price of the cargo.

However, we approach the transportation of premium cars with special moods, ready to listen to every client's wishes. Such transportations are usually more expensive than standard ones, but the owners of expensive models are ready to overpay if everything goes well, safely and ends on time.=

Main aspects of road transportation of high-value vehicles

The most important thing is to ensure comfortable transportation, something that an open carrier cannot fully show, where cars are installed collectively and are all the way in the open air. Still, premium cars need a more careful attitude, because even dirt on the upholstery of a convertible can significantly increase the client's costs for cleaning. Therefore, we organize transportation using enclosed structures that hide cars from precipitation, dirt and even prying eyes.

The van is placed in a box, where it is well attached and remains there untouched until it arrives at its destination. Strong locks and walls will not allow an outsider to get inside, but even an extra drop of moisture, so the cargo will be reliably protected from any outside influences.

To ensure complete confidentiality, which is often required when transporting rare or collectible cars, you can combine the enclosed transportation service with targeted delivery. Then the secrets of your package can be kept completely secret.

Trusting such a serious cargo, clients want to be always in the center of events, so we offer to use our free informational opportunities. You will be automatically informed about how the location of your van is changing and what stage of transportation is at. If necessary, all questions can be asked to managers, who work 24/7 or directly to the driver - we will give contacts.

An additional function that will also interest VIP clients is full documentary support that minimizes the need for the customer to participate in transportation. You just have to wait for the package and receive it.

I prefer comfort - which service would you recommend?

Every online store and many specialized companies from the service sector now have courier delivery, so our organization decided to expand its own capabilities and debug the service for the benefit of customers. Door to door service is a great way to save time and get your van without leaving your apartment for a reasonable price.

What is this service and why should you use it?

The door-to-door service implies that the client will be able to manage his time, regardless of the need to transfer or receive his van after transportation. Instead of taking the van to our terminal, and then picking it up from the base upon arrival, the customer will simply wait at home for the arrival of the driver, who will adjust to a convenient time and place for the ordering party.

Everything will happen as follows:

  • when signing the contract, the place for the withdrawal and delivery of the van will be agreed;

  • at the agreed time, the driver will arrive and load the van for transportation, and also take the keys from the owner;

  • the latter will wait for delivery and receive data about the change in the location of the car;

  • when a call comes in that the van is at its destination, the time of handover of the van and keys will be agreed with the owner or his authorized representative;

  • during the specified period, an auto transporter with a delivery vehicle will arrive at a pre-agreed address.

As you can see, the van owner is maximally protected from the nuances of transportation, so there is no need for him to look for terminals and, observing the delivery time, to distill the car.

It turns out that targeted delivery has several advantages at once:

  • speed - time is saved on trips to the terminal and possible downtime of a van there if the client cannot arrive on time;

  • convenience - the customer does not need to ruin his plans in order to come to give or pick up the car;

  • low price - relative to other companies, we have the most affordable prices for targeted delivery.

Nuances of targeted delivery

It is important to understand that targeted delivery is a non-classical service and therefore requires preparation. It is very difficult to unload a van in the courtyard of a high-rise building or on a busy street, so the client will have to find a suitable parking area nearby. If it is difficult for you to do this, then our staff will help you choose the ideal location that will be convenient for us and you.

The price for targeted delivery ordered from our company will be higher than for delivery to the terminal, but still lower than the average on the service market. Do you want to know how much it will cost for your van and region? Then feel free to use our online calculator, which will accurately calculate the cost. Does not work? Then call our managers- they will be happy to help you at any convenient time.

What is the safest transportation method?

Enclosed transportation can be safely called an exclusive service, because many shipping companies cannot afford to make such offers to customers. The thing is that enclosed carriers are quite expensive, but there are not so many customers who constantly use this method of transportation. The specificity of the service forces many companies to refuse offers for such a service and be content with cheaper business options, but more in demand.

Our company, first of all, thinks about its customers and their convenience, therefore it offers a diversified service. Wide transport forces, experience and high turnover help us to make any type of transportation fast, high-quality and relatively inexpensive. Enclosed carriers are not relevant for many, but the value of such a service for the user is great.

What is an enclosed carrier?

An enclosed carrier is a huge powerful tractor, which instead of a body has a railroad van on wheels. It is in it that the van is placed in order to quickly and safely transport the van from one point to another. Unlike open transportations, when the van is together with other cars on one large plateau, emclosed transportations provide high-quality individual transport. This service option has several advantages:

  • protection - the load is completely isolated from the outside world, precipitation, dirt, dust, small stones from the road do not touch it;

  • reliability - fastenings inside and outside allow to ensure good stability of the structure itself and the trailer, therefore, even in conditions of fast driving or sharp braking, nothing will happen to the car;

  • speed - the towing vehicle has a relatively small load, therefore, the maximum speed limit can be taken along the highway, which will speed up delivery;

  • confidentiality - a completely closed case hides the cargo from prying eyes, so it will safely reach the place, and reliable locks will save even from attempts to encroach on your property.

You need to understand that enclosed transportations are aimed, to a greater extent, at premium cars that require special treatment. The budget class may well be transported on open auto transporters, which provide reliable fastenings and a low price for the service.

Enclosed transportation will cost a little more, because the client receives maximum protection of his cargo from any external influences. It is also important to accept that enclosed transportation is carried out less often due to the low demand for the service, therefore it is very difficult to order urgent delivery in an enclosed carrier, but everything is possible with us.

Call us at any time, and we will calculate the price of enclosed transportation of your car, offer interesting additional options and give a guarantee for the quality of services.

I had a force majeure - can my van be transported faster?

To organize the transportation of cars, it is necessary to attract a lot of specialists in different industries - these are logisticians, and lawyers, and loaders, riggers, professional drivers. The speed of our services depends on their well-coordinated work.

Huge experience allows us to speed up this process, but within 14 days. There are cases when we manage to meet in a shorter period, but still, a standard service does not imply an impressive reduction in the period. However, we perfectly understand that there are situations when it is important for a client to get help as quickly as possible - literally in a couple of days, then our special service - express delivery - comes to the rescue.

What is it like?

Express delivery is animated in the shortest possible time. For its implementation, it is necessary to speed up all the preparatory and organizational processes as much as possible, and most importantly, to move the queue of those who expect a standard service, but so as not to violate the promised deadlines for fulfilling the order. That is why express delivery is more expensive - usually twice as much as a classic service. But the client gets the opportunity not to transfer or not cancel his plans, but to rely on us and get a van at the right time.

A very important nuance of express delivery is that sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of speed. For example, wanting to choose an enclosed type of transportation, it is not always possible to implement it with urgent delivery. The thing is that such transportation is carried out less frequently than flights of open carriers. Therefore, with a high degree of probability, you will have to use open transportation, and if you are very worried about your car, which may have to be removed to unload other cars, then just order the first-priority loading option. In this case, the van is guaranteed to reach the destination point without unnecessary unloading and loading maneuvers.

When is express delivery relevant?

There can be many reasons to use the express delivery service:

  • moving - you can survive a troublesome task easier by delegating the transportation to our employees;

  • buying or selling a van - buy a van in dealerships in neighboring regions with a good discount or send your van to a new owner, it's so easy with our services;

  • organization of celebrations - exhibitions, races and other events related to cars will be easier if the transportation of the vehicle is entrusted to experienced professionals;

  • breakdown on the way - an annoying breakdown on the highway can disrupt your plans, but if you give your van into our hands, and you yourself go home by alternative means, then things will go much faster.

This is just a part of emergency cases when you need to transport a van very quickly. Whatever happens to you, please contact us and we will solve the problem together.

Which transportation to choose if the budget is limited

To save your personal money, you do not need to look for start-up and inexperienced companies to transport your car. Such ways to reduce costs in the end can, on the contrary, increase them significantly, so it is better to turn to the "veterans" of the service market, who are maximally client-oriented and ready to offer programs for each client, with any budget.

A good carrier partner must have:

  • personal transport forces;

  • a large staff of diverse employees who can provide a full service, documentary support, various types of delivery, etc.;

  • an extensive customer network and real reviews on its website, independent portals;

  • the possibilities of various communication methods, so that each client can choose how it is most beneficial for him to contact the service provider.

We have all these advantages and even more, while we are debugging the most honest and transparent business, where there is a place for a customer with any budget.

How to transport a van inexpensively?

Carriage by itself is not one of the cheapest services, but you can still save money if you turn to open carriages, which are characterized by quality and low prices.

Open carriers transport cars in large quantities on one large plateau, where cars of different brands, sizes and purposes can be located at once. They attach securely and stand at a safe distance. While driving, vehicles are guaranteed not to budge, even with minor excesses on the road.

By the way, open transportation is not only cheap, but also extremely popular, so there are a lot of such flights every day. This allows users to hope for fast delivery without overpayments. Usually delivery is 14 days, but here it is often reduced by a couple of days.

What are the disadvantages of such transportation?

Cars installed in an open area are not protected from climatic troubles: rain, snow, ice, hail - all this can become a problem when transporting premium cars, rare cars, so their owners do not choose this method. In addition, while driving, dirt and dust settle on the body of the cargo, which will force you to send the van to a wash upon arrival.

For a budget car, open transportation is an ideal choice, which gives reliability and speed of transportation for relatively little money.

We will quickly and efficiently organize the transportation of any car. If you are in doubt whether your budget is enough for an inexpensive transportation, then simply use the online calculator to accurately calculate the future cost, without calling managers. If necessary, of course, you can call us - we wait for calls 24 hours at knocks, without breaks and weekends.

When do customers contact us?

Many people think that van transportation is a useless service, which simply makes no sense to resort to. It's much easier to get behind the wheel yourself and hit the road, but is that really a good idea? Or does it have pitfalls that we often don’t even think about, putting ourselves in danger?

Why not drive the van yourself?

To organize self-transportation of a van on the road from one region to another, you will need:

  • free up personal time - sometimes it's not just about days;

  • send a van for diagnostics so as not to get a sudden breakdown on the way;

  • replace consumables that protect more serious parts of the mechanism from damage;

  • fill the car;

  • study the route well and choose the most optimal one, taking into account the infrastructure;

  • provide a place to stay, because long-term driving can provoke an accident.

Now calculate how much you will spend in total if you decide to take this step. We assure you that a standard delivery service will be cheaper, while you will receive quality guarantees and you will lose the need to disrupt work or ruin personal plans for the sake of a long journey.

When is van transportation with the help of professional companies relevant?

There may be many such cases, but we will highlight the most popular ones.

Moving around the country

Sometimes this can be very unexpected, for example, at work, they are transferred from one office to another located in a neighboring region. We have to collect things as quickly as possible, and then there's the car. It will be relevant to order transportation from us, in addition, you can send a few things to the trunk that will arrive with your car.

Buying or selling a car

Remote buying and selling is very popular now. Cars can be purchased from hands, in van dealerships or ordered from auctions in the US and Europe. To quickly get your van at home, just entrust the transportation to us.

Breakdown on the way

The track and you, the van is broken, and with it the plans for the near future. It's scary to leave the van here, as well as contact the nearest service station. We will pick up your car, and you can go home light or on business, so that afterwards you can meet your van at home.

Organization of celebrations

Cars often become the kings of various holidays, and sometimes their main creators, for example, when it comes to exhibitions or races. We will be able to meet the time frame and deliver the van right to the celebration.

Whatever happens to you, we are always ready to help you find a way out so that your van remains safe and sound, having got to the right place and time in any region of the country. You say that you would like to see it in the end, and we are looking for an opportunity to do it and bring any ideas to life.

How to understand depending on what transportation tariffs are formed?

What determines the price tag of a particular service is interesting to every client who wants to take advantage of the market's offer. However, many companies often deliberately make this issue extremely obscure in order to end up getting money for fictitious markups, exchange rate fluctuations, unforeseen circumstances, etc.

Our company works only within a given price tag, which is not hidden from anyone and is written in the main paper of the transaction - the contract. The client can always use a call to the manager, who will give advice, advising the most relevant offer and the necessary options, as well as make a quick calculation based on the characteristics of the van and the client's wishes. If you do not want to talk, you can use the convenient calculator on the site, which will easily calculate the price of the service, one by one entering important options. Using online technology is free and available to every potential client.

What sets the price tag for transporting a van on the country's roads?

First of all, the method of transportation. It can be a van transporter or an enclosed carrier. The first one transports cars in bulk from 5 units, regardless of their dimensions, price or comfort class. They are located in an open area and are installed with a "snake". All cargo is reliably protected from falling, but subject to climatic changes. The price, due to the collective transportation, remains low.

If you want to get a more comfortable service, you should choose an enclosed carriage, which gives additional guarantees of protection from any external influences, but it costs a little more.

Delivery is also very important when calculating the price tag. If the client is ready to pay a little attention and time for delivery and collection of a van in our terminal, then you can save money. But if you need to get a van right at your doorstep, you will have to spend money, although you can save your personal time.

The urgency of delivery is also a very topical issue when deciding the final price for the service. Traditionally, it is 14 days, but sometimes you need to get a van even faster and then it is enough to use express delivery. The service is more expensive, but more convenient.

You will have to draw up the documents yourself, if you want to keep the budget to the maximum, but it is worth overpaying a little, and we will take over this task, guaranteeing you no problems along the way.

Insurance guarantees are free for the default policy - protecting against our mistakes. If you need to protect the cargo from any danger, you will have to take out additional insurance at your own expense.

Absolutely free of charge for each client is provided round-the-clock information by phone or e-mail, where he will be notified of the progress of the order and the location of the van at the moment.

Why are our clients always confident in the services?

The essence of insurance policies is familiar to every motorist in our country, because he is faced with their registration every year. Insurance protects against damage received in emergency situations, but when we talk about van transportation, standard auto insurance does not work here.

Getting on an auto transporter or in a closed compartment of a carrier, a van from a vehicle turns into a very expensive and fragile cargo, which requires insurance during transportation, provided for by the legal regulations of the country. It is impossible to provide services without a policy, because the company will not be able to guarantee payment of damage in the event of an insurance situation.

Carrier liability insurance

This is an insurance option that is mandatory. It provides for cash payments. If the damage to the van was caused by the actions of a company employee:

  • the van was scratched during loading;

  • she fell from the forklift due to poor fastening;

  • the driver of the van transporter provoked an emergency, due to which the cargo was damaged, etc.

This insurance is required equally by both parties, so we decided to pay for it for you. Each of our clients already has it by default to give confidence that everything will go well, to show that we are motivated for high results, and the client himself is guaranteed to receive compensation for losses if something happens through our fault.

Cargo insurance

This policy has a slightly different meaning and is not included in the list of mandatory papers for transportation, i.e.the client draws up it at his own expense and at his own discretion. This paper will protect the cargo from any situations that did not depend on us, but caused damage to property. For example, it can be a collapse of a bridge or a tunnel roof, a traffic accident that happened through no fault of ours.

Cargo insurance will be able to give all-round confidence that it will be possible to recover losses if something happens along the way.

What are we ready to offer?

Our partners are insurers with vast experience who build their business in the legal field and always make payments, in the event of emergencies, as quickly as possible, without unnecessary nerves, and even more so, litigation. Moreover, we can provide you with the best prices for cargo insurance, and you will receive the main insurance free of charge.

Clients of our company not only receive this without extra charges, but are also provided with round-the-clock information about the progress of work, the ability to resolve issues remotely with the help of our managers and can even personally contact the drivers completing the order to make sure that everything is going according to plan... The experience and consistency of the system will provide you with high-quality and fast service without overpayments.

How to reduce shipping costs?

The terminal is the base of our company. All preparatory and organizational work takes place there. We have a wide network of terminals, so everyone can choose the most successful option. Choosing cooperation using the terminal, the client will need to do the following:

  • choose a terminal closer to you and take the van there for further transportation;

  • wait for the message about the arrival of the cargo;

  • arrive at another terminal to collect your car.

It is not the owner himself who can pick up the car, but his authorized representative.

What are the reasons for choosing it?

  • You will come to us and see for yourself how our system works, the attitude of our employees to cars, the organization of parking and loading and unloading operations

  • The client is completely freed from the need to find a place for loading or unloading, because the terminal is a large platform, sharpened for specialized tasks

  • A van can stay in the terminal area if it is not possible to arrive immediately, while the van will be completely safe

How to calculate the price of terminal delivery?

This service is traditionally cheaper than address delivery, in order to find out in more detail how much you will have to pay to deliver the van to the terminal, use the online calculator. Enter the main options and mark the terminals you want to get the final amount immediately.

There are a huge number of terminals of our company, to find out which one is closest to you, you can use our website or call the manager. Calls can be made around the clock. Managers will advise the necessary base and help you decide on the route to it.

While waiting for any delivery option, our clients can receive the latest news on their mobile phone or email. The messages will indicate where the van is now and at what stage of execution the order is. Upon arrival, the client will be informed that the van is at the desired terminal and all that remains is to pick it up at the right time.