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    Cars shipping to and from California

    California – New Jersey

    You need to trust the ship car California New Jersey to responsible companies, whose reputation is tested by time, and guarantees are backed up by real legal documents. Our organization operates precisely from the principle of creating an ideal service for the client, which he will remember forever and, if he wants to transport the car again, he will no longer hesitate with the choice.

    The experience that we received from each client was invested in the modernization of our own services and options, and this is how the techniques we use today were born. Each customer is a new page in the book of our reputation and it must be clean and tidy, so we try to look for an individual approach and always meet expectations.

    We work only within the framework of the contract, which serves as the best guarantees for the client and, of course, we back everything up with insurance policies. In our company, they will gladly protect you from all bureaucratic delays, taking on the preparation of the necessary documentation.

    Who will deliver my car?

    First-class specialists will take care of the transportation of your car: mechanics, loaders, drivers. The first will prepare our specialized transport and approve its condition for long-distance transportation, the second will carefully load your car, and the third will carefully deliver it, observing the previously set deadlines.

    As for the vehicle fleet, we have a large one. We are ready to offer two ways of transportation:

    • open – then your car will go to a large common open area and come to you in complete safety for a relatively low amount;

    • enclosed – the car will be in a separate completely isolated compartment, which will protect it from any risks, including from the glances of passers-by.

    The second service will cost more, but its level of comfort is several times higher, which is why closed carriers are so popular among VIP clients.

    What is the delivery time frame?

    As a standard, we call a period of 14 days. However, you need to understand that professionals and reliable partners work with us, who can effectively promote the business and the time frame will be significantly reduced. There are times when the entire time limit is used up, but delays definitely do not happen!

    When it is in your best interest to get a car in the shortest possible time, then we are ready to quickly transport the car. This requires a surcharge, but you get a high-quality service fully adapted to your needs.

    How do I know where my car is?

    In order to receive up-to-date data during transportation, you do not need to pay anything. We will connect you to a service absolutely free of charge, which will automatically send updates from a satellite that tracks the movement of an auto transporter with your cargo.

    We are proud to have assembled a valuable staff that can contribute to the creation of an honest and powerful transport service today. Therefore, we are pleased to invite you to us and are ready to give any guarantees of the quality of services.

    Do you want to know more about us? Call the hotline!